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Quotes I have had the privilege to know and have in my life for 35 years this incredible woman. Not only is Debbie incredibly talented at tattooing but everything she touches turns into a beautiful piece of artwork. I was extremely nervous about getting my first tattoo, but she made me feel at ease and very comfortable. I remember her telling me that I would want more after my first, and she was rite.. I now PROUDLY wear three beautiful pieces done by her. I would not and will not ever allow anyone else to tattoo me. If you get the chance to have Debbie as your tattoo artist, body or cosmetic, I suggest you don't pass it up. You will be sorry if you do. Quotes
Kimberly P
friend and proud canvas of Debbies artwork!!

Quotes Debbie and I have been friends for 40 years. She is extremely compassionate about her tattooing, whether it be cosmetic or body. Debbie recently designed my 2 tattoos and I absolutely love them. Until I had my first tattoo, I did not realize just how compassionate she is about her work! She is not only a gifted artist, she wants to make sure you are completely satisfied with her work. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so without complaint she several times re-designed, on paper, my tattoos until they were exactly what I wanted. I basically had a vision of what I wanted and she was able to design what I verbally told her I wanted my tattoos to look like. I, without a doubt, highly recommend you see Debbie for any type of tattoo you are wanting!! Thank you Debbie!! :) Quotes
Lori Sofich

Quotes Debbie did a wonderful job on all my tattoos. She is clearly passionate about her work, and cares that her clients get exactly what they want. Her studio is very clean and bright, and it is clear that she maintains strict hygiene measures. I am so happy with my tattoos and feel happy every time I see them. I have gotten many compliments from friends and family. If you want a quality piece of art that you will have for a life time then she is perfect! Quotes
Biggest fan

Quotes Debbie came highly recommended by 3 different people who didn't know each other, when I was looking to get my Eyebrows done. I got them done in Oct. 2013, and its the BEST thing I have ever done. She did a great job, and I HIGHLY recommend her to ANYONE looking for Tattoo Artist~ THANK YOU Debbie for such great work. Angie Quotes
Angie Vandehey
Very happy client

Quotes Debbie is an awesome person and artist. We started out playing bunco together. I loved all her artwork on herself and come to find out she had done most of it too!!!! I decided to get my eyebrows done with her. I have loved them for the last 5 years. I recently got them done again by her and cannot wait for her to come back to Oregon to add eyeliner and lip liner. Debbie makes you feel comfortable and will diffidently keep you laughing the whole time. She has a very trusting nature about her. Even if your just considering getting cosmetic tattooing, go in and see what she has to say. I bet you leave with an appointment!!!! Sincerely; Molly McButter!!! Quotes
Molly Wickizer
Hot brows!!!

Quotes My wife Debbie is a wonderful artist and I'm not just saying that as her husband!! I have had many tattoos done by her and some even before we got married. Her skill and attention to detail is off the hook!!!....if you are looking for some work body art or cosmetic she is the gal you need to do your work!!! 15 years licensed and insured so you know your in good hands so come see her today!! Quotes

Quotes Debbie did my Lotus flower tattoo and she did an incredible job! Exactly what I wanted. PLUS she is hilarious and will keep you laughing through your session with her. I can't wait to go back to her. She does great work and is passionate about it!! Quotes
Jennie Wilson
Great experience!

Quotes Debbie did my brows and I am extremely happy! I asked for natural because I'm blonde and my natural brows are almost white. She did exactly what I asked and I now have the beautiful brows I never had before! I highly recommend Debbie! She is extremely sanitary too! Quotes
Kim R.
Happy happy happy

Quotes Debbie has been an incredible friend to me for many years. She has done three tattoos for me, that are all beautiful, three tattoos for my daughter (also beautiful .... one to commemorate her grandmother which was also a client/dear friend of Debbie's) and she has done my eye liner (a couple of times ... because I kept changing colors). She is an amazing person, with an amazing personality. She loves people, God, and life. You are all very lucky to have her in Idaho and she is VERY missed in Oregon. Quotes
Amy Barnes