Lasting Beauty Permanent Cosmetic and Body Tattooing 





     HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO WAKE UP WITH MAKEUP!!!  My name is Debbie Eggiman and I am a 22 year licensed and insured PERMANENT COSMETIC and BODY TATTOO ARTIST. I was also an instructor when I lived in Oregon.  I just want you to know that I have had extensive training in Oregon. Oregon is one the most regulated states in the U.S. That is a good thing!! I have had 368 hours of theory, color and procedures before I got my license. Not "certified" but fully licensed with state boards of Oregon. I am also licensed in Areola and scar re-pigmentation. I provide a very safe and sanitary environment and my work is guaranteed. I also do lots of body art too!!! Although I now live in Darby Montana, I also fly back to Oregon to work every other month. Please view my website and see my work. If you have any questions please email me at: [email protected]  I will be happy to answer any questions you have. You may call me at 503-708-4893 or 406-375-5855

Please check out my calendar to see when I will be heading back to Oregon to work!

Adore Hair and Design Salon

110 W. Main St.

Hamilton, Montana



When in Oregon I work at...

Ain't Ms B Haven

1125 NE Hogan Dr.

Gresham, Oregon 97030




Lasting Beauty Permanent Cosmetic and Body Tattooing

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